M-Credit mediates for various banks and insurers. You can view or download the terms and conditions below. The “European standard information on consumer credit” explains the main characteristics of the credit and helps you to compare different offers.

Sample form Download
European standard information / ESIC form Download form
Banks Download
Shineloan: Revolving Credit Download conditions
Shineloan: Personal Loan Download conditions
Shineloan: Mortgage Association Download conditions
Shineloan: Homeowners Credit Download conditions
Shineloan: Homeowners Personal Loan Download conditions
National ShareB: Terms and Conditions Download conditions
Sygma / Laser: Terms: Loans Download conditions
Insurers Download
Credit Life: Terms and Conditions Download conditions
Credit Life: Insurance Statement Download insurance statement
TAF: General conditions Download conditions
Cardif: Conditions: Credit Care Download conditions
Cardif: Insurance Explanation: Credit Care Download insurance statement

The information in the documents presented above is information from the relevant lender and / or insurer. We therefore do not accept any liability for the content of these general terms and conditions.