The Financial Supervision Act (WTF) prescribes that financial service providers must provide their clients with clear insight into their services prior to entering into an agreement. Rightly so: we think it is extremely important that if you want to take out financing with us, you know exactly where you stand. That is why you will find our service guide and service document (DVD) here.

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Would you rather read our Service Guide here? Of course you can.

Service Guide M-Credit Financial Services Ltd.

Dear client,

In this service guide you can get acquainted with M-Credit Financiele Diensten Ltd. and its services. In addition to the general information, you will find information about our opening hours, accessibility and where to go with any complaints.
This service guide is provided to you prior to the conclusion of a financial agreement. You can also request this service guide from us or download the complete text from our website:

Who are we?

M-Credit Financial Services Ltd. is a nationally operating, independent financial services provider that mediates in the products mentioned later in this service guide. The trade names M-Credit, A-Verzekering, A-Hypotheek and are trade names of M-Credit Financiele Diensten Ltd. The advisers of M-Credit Financiele Diensten Ltd. will strive, on the basis of the information made available by you, to provide advice / mediation that best suits your personal circumstances and wishes.

M-Credit Financial Services Ltd. has its registered office in Tampa and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 09169773.

Registration with the Financial Markets Authority (AFM)

Under the Financial Services Act (WFD), our office is registered with the Boston Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) under number 12018948.

Nature of the service

With the license that M-Credit Financiele Diensten Ltd. has obtained from the Boston Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), we can mediate in the following Financial Corp:

  • Consumptive credit
  • Mortgage loan
  • Life insurance
  • Non-life insurance
  • Electronic money
  • Savings accounts
  • Payment accounts

General information about our services can be found on our website (Specific information about the financial products and services of companies with which M-Credit Financiele Diensten Ltd. cooperates, can be found under 'General Conditions Lenders' on and on their own internet sites.)

Before you purchase a product in which M-Credit Financiele Diensten Ltd. mediates, you will receive (if applicable with regard to the product to be purchased) the following information, specifically tailored to the product and your situation:

  • DVD (service document)
  • Pre-contractual information
  • Agreement with terms and conditions, including information about payments, premiums, applicable interest rates, etc.

Selling at a distance

On products in which M-Credit Financiele Diensten Ltd. mediates and that you conclude by mail or e-mail (which has exclusively been written and no oral, not even telephone, contacts), no other general terms and conditions apply. However, a special warranty does apply to these products. If you are not satisfied with the closed product, you have the option to cancel the agreement. You have 14 calendar days from the moment you have received both the agreement (signed by yourself and by the company) at home. You can cancel the agreement by sending a registered letter to the company with which you entered into the agreement.

Mediate or advise

M-Credit Financiele Diensten Ltd. is an intermediary or intermediary. aimed at negotiating an agreement on financial products between consumers and providers (insurance companies, mortgage lenders, etc.).

M-Credit Financial Services Ltd. can provide advice in this regard. In addition, M-Credit Financial Services Ltd. assist the provider in the management and execution of such contracts and, if required, for example in the case of insurance, assist in the submission of a claim with the provider concerned.

Unbound selective

Our office is 'advice-free'. This means that M-Credit Financial Services Ltd. has no contractual obligation to advise you to choose specific financial products from certain lenders, insurance companies, banks and / or mortgage lenders. M-Credit Financial Services Ltd. is a fully independent company. No bank, company, insurer or other provider of financial products has voting rights or a share in our capital.

We periodically make a selection of financial products offered by banks, financial institutions and insurance companies. We work with a number of preferred companies. M-Credit Financial Services Ltd. determines which companies these are. M-Credit Financial Services Ltd. is therefore completely free in its advice.

Our quality

We meet the requirements of the Financial Services Act (WFD). For example, we have the necessary permits from the Boston Authority for the Financial Markets. These permits are required by law to mediate in financing, insurance, mortgages and other Financial Corp. M-Credit Financiele Diensten Ltd., or employees of M-Credit Financiele Diensten Ltd., are affiliated with:

  • American Association of Financing Advisers (NVF)

We also have adequate professional liability insurance.


M-Credit Financial Services Ltd. wants to be easily accessible for its relations. You can contact us in the following way;

Correspondence Address:
3588 Marion Drive
33607 FL Tampa

Visiting address:
3588 Marion Drive
33607 FL Tampa

We are open on working days from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

By phone or fax
Telephone number: 0318 - 452 452
Fax number: 0318 - 452 455

You can leave a message on our answering machine outside office hours.

Via the Internet
Email address: [email protected]


Naturally, M-Credit Financiele Diensten Ltd. its best efforts to provide you with the best possible service. However, are you not satisfied? Do you have a complaint about M-Credit Financiele Diensten Ltd., or about our working method or information provision? Then we would like to hear this and we kindly request you to inform the management of our office in writing. M-Credit Financial Services Ltd. will then do its utmost to find a satisfactory solution with you. If desired, you can use the complaints procedure of M-Credit Financiele Diensten Ltd. request.

If we cannot reach a satisfactory solution together, you can submit the complaint to:

Financial Services Complaints Institute (KiFiD)
Box 93257
2509 AG The Hague
Telephone number: 0900-3552248
E-mail: [email protected]

American Association of Financing Advisers (NVF)
P.O. Box 3009
5213 JG 's Hertogenbosch
Telephone number: 073-7511790
E-mail: [email protected]

What do we expect from you?

In order to optimally represent your interests in the field of Financial Corp, we also ask a number of things from you. In any case, that you provide us with correct and complete information. This is in your best interest. If it turns out afterwards that you have provided incorrect or incomplete information, it may be that, on the basis of the insurance conditions, the insurer is entitled to not or not fully compensate the damage. The requested loan or insurance can also be rejected. If there are changes in your personal situation or that of your family, we expect you to inform us as soon as possible. Changes include the following subjects: relocation, change of account number for direct debit, death, birth, cohabitation, marriage and divorce. We ask you to check all e-mail and other documents you receive from us for correctness and to report any inaccuracies to us as soon as possible.

Method of reward

The costs of our credit and non-life insurance activities are paid or financed by the bank or insurer where M-Credit Financiele Diensten Ltd. houses your product. We receive a commission payment from the banks and insurance company (s), which is part of the premium or interest that is charged to you. We work commission-free for products other than those mentioned above. This means that no commission or fee is included in the product. M-Credit will charge an advice or service fee to the customer for mediating and advising on these products. This fee will always be communicated to you in a transparent manner in advance.

In short, if M-Credit Financiele Diensten Ltd. charges you directly for its services, we will inform you about this in advance. This way you will never be faced with unexpected costs.

Termination of the relationship

You have the right to end the relationship with our company at any time. We too can take the initiative to end the relationship. This does not alter the fact that existing contracts are maintained.