Customer experiences

Customer experiences

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We pride ourselves on our personal and reliable way of working. That our customers also appreciate this is confirmed by the hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers on with an average score of 9.2. We are continuously improving our services. That is why we ask our customers to rate our services. These reviews keep us on our toes and offer us the opportunity to improve where necessary, so that we can serve our customers even better.

The loan was arranged within a few days. You will be kept informed very quickly. We are very satisfied. Keep it up!

We helped Aysu with a loan for the car

Again top helped by Jeroen and Marc. Clear explanations and they go a step further for you.

We helped Jan with a loan for the renovation

The savings were quickly arranged. During the process we were kept constantly informed of the progress.

We helped A with a loan to save money

Friendly contacts and clear what I still had to deliver. Very fast with changes to the agreement. Very fast feedback.

We helped Mark with a loan for extra financial space

Awesome! Couldn't be better and faster! Thank you very much Jeroen Venema.

We helped Joyce with a loan for the residual debt