M-Credit Financial Corp Ltd., M-Credit for short, has been active for many years as an intermediary in Financial Corp. We are an intermediary and advisor to anyone who wants to take out loans in an accessible, transparent way that are fair and safe. Our people are specialized in the field of our current core products: (consumer) credit and loans, (car) insurance and mortgages. They are committed to providing good information to our customers and a personal approach to every request. Thanks to our knowledge and extensive experience, we are able to give you good and clear financial advice like no other. Your financial and personal wishes are always our starting point. Usually we can provide you with the requested information or quotation on the same working day!

Tailored advice

At M-Credit we understand that everyone wants to be helped in a different way. Perhaps you would like to talk to one of our advisers: this can be done by telephone, e-mail, at our office, but also via whatsapp. You choose what suits you best. On the other hand, we also offer the option of, for example, taking out car insurance or other 'simple risk' insurance without the intervention of a personal adviser. This way you can apply for and take out (car) insurance super fast and yet safely via our website. Is that what you are looking for? Then on our website you will always find a selection of the best and cheapest insurers with which we do business.

Independent and objective

Thanks to our cooperation with almost every American bank and insurer, we can, together with you, make the right choices for good and trusted advice at very competitive interest and / or premium rates. Since M-Credit is a fully independent company, you can rely on us to always provide objective and honest advice that is substantiated by facts.

Social involvement

In addition to realizing our business objectives, we find it extremely important as a company to be socially involved and to work for a better world. That is why we choose to support the work of Oxfam Novib as a company ambassador.

Oxfam Novib is committed to people who live in poverty in developing countries. Borrowing from a bank is often not possible for poor people there. With some external support, people in developing countries get the same opportunities as we do. They can start their own business with a loan and thus work on an independent existence.

Oxfam Novib likes to work together with the business community on a world without poverty and with equal opportunities for everyone by giving underprivileged people access to microcredit. In everything Oxfam Novib does, it is based on the strength of the people themselves. Being able to take care of yourself is essential for building an independent existence. And it also contributes to the sustainable economic development of a country. As M-Credit, we can only support this.