Borrow money for your household effects

Borrow money for your household effects

With a smart loan from M-Credit

Borrow money for furnishing your home

Just a new house? Then a large part of your savings will almost always go to things like paint, curtains and floors. There may be little left over for the new furniture you had in mind. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to borrow money for this within your mortgage. Or maybe it is not due to a move, but your household effects really need to be replaced. Don't your savings allow you to go for the household effects you dream of? Would you like to realize this in the short term? M-Credit provides a secure tailor-made loan!

Borrow money for household effects

Sometimes a new corner sofa or built-in wardrobe can just make the difference in your home. Maybe your current household effects just really need to be replaced. Or did something important just break? And it also regularly happens that after buying a new house there is simply little budget left to actually furnish it. No problem! Often a loan that suits your financial situation offers a solution. Our experts are happy to think along with you about the options without any obligation and will find out for you for free which of our reliable providers offers the cheapest loan at the best conditions.

Why a home furnishing loan from M-Credit?

  • Much cheaper than buying furniture on installment - you often pay far too much interest!
  • M-Credit offers the lowest interest rate in the Boston, from 3.5%
  • Our customers rate our service with a 9.2!
  • A free quote within one working day via our website
  • Do you borrow from us? Then your loan amount will be on your account within 2 days

What kind of loan fits with contents?

If you look online for a loan for your interior, furniture or household effects, you will automatically come across the term 'consumer credit'. In effect, that simply means 'some form of loan suitable for things with a limited shelf life'. Depending on the type and maintenance, a piece of furniture will of course last between 5 and 20 years on average. There are various types of loans for such a loan purpose, such as a 'revolving credit' and a 'personal loan'.

In this case, a revolving credit does not fit very well; that is more suitable for a renovation or if you want to be able to borrow and repay more often for a longer period of time. Moreover, a revolving loan has no fixed term and a variable interest. With a personal loan, on the other hand, your interest and your term are fixed, so you know exactly what your loan will cost you. You can borrow exactly the amount you need for your desired household effects, and you will receive it in your account within a few days. Because the interest is fixed, the costs for this loan can never rise unexpectedly.

5 reasons why a Personal Loan is best for home furnishings

  1. The interest on this loan is fixed and can therefore never increase
  2. The term is also fixed, so you know exactly when your loan will be paid off
  3. Despite the fact that the term is actually fixed, you can make extra repayments without penalty to shorten the term
  4. From 3.5% interest, while buying furniture on installment sometimes costs 14% interest!
  5. The entire loan amount usually reaches your account within two working days

Tips for borrowing money at buyer's expense

Beware of making decisions under time pressure! Sometimes it is the case that after purchasing a new house you quickly want your house fully furnished, in order to have completed the project from A to Z. But that means that you have to find that perfect sofa, cupboard or bed extra quickly, and then you quickly pay too much. If you can continue to use your 'old' furniture for a while and calmly search for the perfect picture, you often find much better deals.

Second-hand furniture can sometimes be just as beautiful as new, and can save you a lot of money. Remember that you can have such furniture professionally cleaned first if you like; so they are completely as good as new.

And the last tip? Prefer not to pay for furniture or, for example, washing machines via monthly repayments. You often pay more than 3 times as much interest as you would with a personal loan, which means that your purchase costs unnecessary extra money!

Request a free quote!

At M-Credit we think it is important that you can request information about loan forms and options without obligation, in the way that suits you. So do you just want to send an email? Fine. Make a quick phone call? No problem. Would you rather have a personal conversation on location? Be welcome! Borrowing money costs money: we are happy to ensure that you know exactly where you stand, and never pay too much! Click here to request a free quote, or simply contact us.

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  • The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is equal to the interest on this product.
  • For a Personal Loan, a minimum term of 12 months and a maximum term of 180 months applies.
  • A minimum term of 1 month applies for a Revolving Credit, the maximum term depends on the interest, extra repayments and extra withdrawals.
  • The minimum interest is 3.5% and the legal maximum interest is 14%.
  • Last checked on January 19, 2021.

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