Borrow money for a caravan

Borrow money for a caravan

A smart loan for a (mobile) caravan or camper

Financing a caravan or camper with fixed monthly charges

Would you like to go on holiday, but do you miss your own kitchen, bathroom or bedroom? Do you want to decide for yourself where to settle down? Caravans are so popular for a reason! Whether you love to dive into the traffic jam on Black Saturday on your way to warmer atmospheres or go to the same cozy campsite in Zeeland with the children every year, it doesn't matter at all. The freedom and independence of a (mobile) caravan fit into their ideal holiday plan for many people. Even more flexible on holiday with your own holiday home? Don't feel like pitching a tent or disconnecting your caravan, but just want to relax, spend the night and continue? Then a camper is for you! Camping 2.0, fully equipped. However, so many holiday benefits come with a price tag. Is that not on your savings account? Don't worry, an affordable loan is often a great option. And we can help you with that!

Borrow money for your (mobile) caravan or camper

Often a lot of research precedes the purchase of a caravan or camper. What facilities do they offer, how big are they, for how many people is there (comfortable) sleeping space, is the caravan you have in mind not too heavy for the car? And of course: how can we best afford it? From our savings? Or maybe with a loan ? As with taking out any form of financing, when applying for a loan for your favorite mobile 'holiday home', you want to know exactly where you stand and not pay a cent too much. Justly!

That is why there are a number of things you can pay attention to. First of all, the lifespan of a caravan, mobile home and motorhome is important, whether it is brand new or second-hand. Because of course you do not want to pay off your loan every month while you are already ready for a new caravan! Good insurance for your caravan or camper is also a smart option. Suppose that it is irreparably damaged on holiday and you are not insured: then there is a chance that you still have a loan, but no longer a caravan. We are happy to advise you on the best approach without obligation!

Why a loan from M-Credit?

  • We offer reliable loans at the lowest interest rate in the Boston: from 3.5%
  • Our customers give us an average of 9.2 / 10
  • You can quickly and easily request a free quote via our website
  • The money for your (mobile) caravan or camper will be in your account within 2 working days!
  • Borrowing safely and securely at the best conditions

What kind of car loan is right for you?

Do you want to find out which loan form best suits the purchase of your camper or caravan? Then, as mentioned earlier, it is important to think carefully about the ideal term of the loan, and the monthly amount that you could repay during that term. With the most advantageous and reliable loans, such a term is related to the lifespan: a new camper lasts longer than a second-hand camper, for example. For this reason, a Personal Loan is the ideal option for a caravan, mobile home and camper. With a Personal Loan you have a fixed term, interest and monthly amount. You receive your loan amount in one go and can immediately purchase your caravan or camper. Without surprises afterwards. Carefree and clear.

A second option is a Revolving Credit. With a revolving credit, you do not borrow one fixed amount, but you take out a maximum loan amount within which you can withdraw and repay unlimited money. The interest with a Revolving Credit is often a bit cheaper than with a Personal Loan, but it is variable. And the term does not depend on the lifespan, but on the interest, monthly repayments, readmissions and any arrears. This loan is less suitable if you only want to purchase a camper, but if you want to have a dormer window built in addition to the purchase of your mobile home and have your driveway repaved.

5 benefits of a Personal Loan for your camper or caravan

  1. Receive the loan amount in one go to your account
  2. Borrow exactly the amount you need
  3. You have a fixed interest rate and term, so you know exactly how long your loan will run and what you have to pay off
  4. You can also pay off without a penalty if you wish, so that your loan is repaid earlier!
  5. A personal loan through M-Credit is safe and affordable!

Do you want to apply for a loan?

Send us some basic information and we will provide you with the best and most reliable offer without obligation! In the form below you first enter your desired loan amount (only the costs of the caravan or camper, or, for example, including the costs of a new set of tires). Then enter what your desired monthly installment would be. Our loan specialists use your data to request the loan options from various banks, and choose the best deal with the most advantageous interest rate and term. You will receive our proposal within a few working days so that you can think about it in peace. This way you can quickly start that dream vacation!

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Free advice before you borrow money for your camper or caravan

A caravan can easily cost in the tens of thousands of us dollars, and a camper double that of a caravan. Therefore, map out exactly what you are looking for in advance.

Do you want a flexible holiday, or preferably a permanent place every season? (In the latter case, for example, a mobile home can be a smart investment.) What kind of layout are you looking for, how important is the quality of the sleeping space and, for example, the size of the kitchen? What can your car tow, or how powerful should the motor of the motorhome be? You don't want to be faced with an unpleasant surprise during a holiday in the mountains!

Also pay attention to crazy smells in a second-hand caravan (then there might be a moisture problem), damage to the outside, a BOVAG Guarantee ... Preferably, when purchasing, you always take someone with you who knows about caravans or campers to evaluate them. . Then you can also negotiate better about the price! In any case, it is preferable not to buy a caravan or camper that you pay off in installments - you pay much more interest on that than on a personal loan. Sometimes even more than 10% extra!

Borrowing cheaply and the best service!

Opting for a loan from M-Credit is an affordable and safe option. As a professional credit intermediary with years of experience and a wide network, our experts can choose from various banks. This way, we can guarantee a loan with the lowest interest rate and best conditions for your caravan or camper for your personal situation, without hassle and time-consuming research for you. And yet lightning fast with personal service!

Do you want to calculate the costs of borrowing money for your (mobile) caravan or camper? Then view our handy tools and calculate your monthly installment or maximum loan yourself! Do you want to take out a loan or more information about forms of financing? Call 813-339-6809 , request a free quote or fill in our contact form. Our experts are happy to help you!

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  • The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is equal to the interest on this product.
  • For a Personal Loan, a minimum term of 12 months and a maximum term of 180 months applies.
  • A minimum term of 1 month applies for a Revolving Credit, the maximum term depends on the interest, extra repayments and extra withdrawals.
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