The Boston is a land of water. Our sea, rivers and canals offer space for all kinds of water sports and leisure activities: fishing, kite surfing, sailing, you name it. Float towards the horizon on a beautiful summer day, sail to your holiday destination with your family or simply drop anchor at a beautiful spot and enjoy the tranquility. Delicious. That is why we have more than half a million boats in the Boston!

Unfortunately, the purchase costs of a boat are often considerable, more than that of the average car. And so you want certainty about all associated costs and the best way to finance them. Savings or a loan, for example. We can help you make the right decision!

Which loan suits your boat?

From sailing to fishing boat and from simple sloop to yacht: various forms of financing are suitable for your dream boat. The most obvious are a personal loan or a revolving credit. With a Personal Loan, when you take out the financing, you sign a contract stating what amount you will borrow, how long your loan will run exactly and in what monthly amount you will pay it off during that period. And not only the term and the monthly installments are fixed, also the interest. So you will never be faced with surprises. As soon as your loan application is complete, you will receive the full amount in your account. And you can immediately purchase your boat and enjoy it!

In addition to the personal loan, your second option is a revolving credit. This works slightly differently: instead of borrowing one amount in one go, with a Continuous Credit you opt for a kind of 'loan pot' where you can borrow a maximum amount, but you can also withdraw what you have paid back. When you withdraw amounts and what you use them for, you decide. You only pay interest on the withdrawn amount of your permitted maximum. This interest is variable, and you have no fixed term. A revolving credit is useful if you want to finance more of it than just your boat: for example, also a renovation or the furnishing of your boat. Usually, a personal loan appears to be the best choice, because it has a term that is precisely tailored to the expected life of the boat.

Do you want to apply for a boat loan?

Beautiful! That will take you little time and certainly no difficult research. Our experts will find the best deal for you. Thanks to our years of experience and careful procedures, we have built up a wide network; this allows us to present your data to a wide range of providers (banks) and choose the most advantageous proposal for you. We always arrange the most financially favorable and safest deal. In the form below you fill in for us the amount you would like to borrow (such as the full purchase costs of the boat, or part of those costs because you supplement the rest with savings). Then enter how much you could repay per month. Our loan specialists will then work with your data and send you the best offer without obligation within a few working days. So that you have the time to make a choice. And who knows how to cast off soon!

Borrowing cheaply and the best service!

Borrowing from M-Credit is not only cheap but also very reliable. As a professional credit intermediary with years of experience and an excellent relationship with our network, our team can choose from the range of all kinds of banks. This way we are guaranteed to find a loan with the lowest interest and best conditions for your boat for your personal situation, without hassle or a lot of research for you. And yet lightning fast with personal service!

Do you want to calculate the costs of borrowing money for your boat? Then view our handy tools and calculate your monthly installment or maximum loan yourself ! Do you want to take out a loan or more information about forms of financing? Call 813-339-6809 , request a free quote or fill in our contact form. Our experts are happy to help you!