Transfer loans to save

Transfer loans to save

At the lowest interest rate in the Boston

Save money by merging loans

It often happens that people have different loans running side by side - sometimes even without being very aware of this. A smartphone that you pay in installments and a credit card can, depending on the amounts that are open, also count as a loan. Or maybe you have a loan for your car, or a renovation, or your new kitchen. Did you know that unnecessarily high interest is often paid for many of these loans? If you have these loans combined into one new loan, you can usually do so at a much lower interest rate ! Often you can save considerably.

When is merging loans beneficial?

Being in the red on your account, borrowing an amount via your credit card ... We often do not think about it, but you sometimes have to pay 14% interest on these types of amounts! And also when paying off a purchase in installments, you are often stuck with such high interest rates. Do you have all this loan combined into one new loan, such as a Personal Loan ? Then you pay much less interest: sometimes only 3.5%. And so you save a lot of money when paying off! The interest is now also historically low and with a personal loan you can make interim repayments without additional costs involved. So do you have several loans? Then it is certainly worthwhile to have a look at what you could save by merging your loans.

Why combine loans with M-Credit?

  1. We offer the lowest interest rate in the Boston: from 3.5%!
  2. Our customers rate us with an average of 9.2
  3. Transferring / merging loans is free with M-Credit
  4. With a new loan lower interest and therefore lower monthly costs
  5. Less costs and more overview, because only one lender
  6. A free quote within 24 hours (working day)
  7. Always personal advice based on your situation!

Extra tips before you transfer loans

It is usually the case that especially small loans have a higher interest rate. If you can combine them into one larger loan, the small loans are repaid and you pay a lower interest and monthly amount for the larger loan.

Usually, merging different loans is a good idea! But beware: some somewhat older, longer-term (and often larger) loans cannot be repaid without penalty. If you have these combined with other loans, this can result in one-off extra costs. Check in advance whether these extra costs outweigh the savings during the remaining term of the loan. Our experts can of course also find out for you!

Request your free quote today!

Do you also want to know what you could save by merging your loans? Sometimes it even saves a few hundred us dollars a month! Our experts have years of experience in combining different loans favorably, and choose the cheapest loans for you at the best conditions. Safe, inexpensive and trusted. Request your free quote today and you will receive a response within one working day!

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Lender Interest Monthly charges Cost To request
defam 3.7 249 29,871
interbank 3.7 249 29,871
qander 3.9 251 30,150
nationale-nederlanden 4.0 252 30,290
abn-amro 4.2 255 30,572
bnp-paribas-personal-finance 4.6 260 31,141
ing-bank 5.1 266 31,860
  • The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is equal to the interest on this product.
  • For a Personal Loan, a minimum term of 12 months and a maximum term of 180 months applies.
  • A minimum term of 1 month applies for a Revolving Credit, the maximum term depends on the interest, extra repayments and extra withdrawals.
  • The minimum interest is 3.5% and the legal maximum interest is 14%.
  • Last checked on January 19, 2021.

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